Branded SDSU Recycling

South Dakota State University will take advantage of the GreenFest celebration at the McCrory Gardens Education and Visitors Center Sunday, April 22 to launch new branding for its recycling receptacles on campus.

A partnership between SDSU and Falcon Plastics, Inc. will make the long practice of recycling on campus a more visible reminder to reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle.
New color-coded, custom waste receptacle lids will replace the tops of current waste containers on campus.

Falcon Plastics designed thermoformed lids to fit existing, interior trash receptacles on campus. The nearly 40-year old local firm with locations in Brookings, Madison, and Lexington, Tenn., has a longstanding history with South Dakota State, its students, and researchers.

The receptacle lids will be color-coded with green lids for single-stream recycling, blue lids for office paper, and yellow lids for landfill items.

“The generous donation of the design, mold creation and tooling expense from Falcon Plastics saved us over $200,000,” said Lynn Finn, SDSU Facilities and Services.

Leadership from the university’s Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship committee worked with SDSU Facilities and Services, as well as students, faculty, and staff, to define recycling strategies on campus through continued education and promotion.

“The partnership between Falcon Plastics and SDSU is an example of the true meaning of sustainability,” said Doug Raynie, associate professor of chemistry/biochemistry and chairman of ESSC. “Not only is recycling being encouraged, but the product is also being sourced locally, a win for both the SDSU and Brookings communities.”

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