At Falcon Plastics, Inc. we differentiate ourselves by offering additional value through a variety of different technologies and services that you can’t find at other molders. We utilize leading technological equipment combined with precision molds to produce superior plastic components. We operate injection molding presses from 35-1000 tons, as well as blow molding presses. Each press is kept in top condition by highly skilled technicians to ensure products are delivered in a timely manner. Specialized assembly equipment includes robotics, state of the art vision systems, and automated in-process measuring equipment. For your specialized needs, Falcon is readily equipped with sonic welding and decorating devices. In support of your product development and ongoing manufacturing needs, each facility has access to a comprehensive tool shop that utilizes the latest in CNC, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), and Computer-aided Design/Computer-aided Machining (CAD/CAM) software.

  • Molding Capabilities

    We offer a variety of different plastic molding options to be suit our customers needs. From injection molding to over molding, we have you covered.

  • Decorating

    We accomplish this every day with a variety of decorating techniques such as hot stamping, pad printing, heat transfer labels, and in-mold labeling.

  • Assembly

    Falcon offers manual, semi-automated, and fully automated work cells to meet the varying needs our of customer’s.

  • Automation & Vision Systems

    At Falcon Plastics, our number one commitment is to the success of our customers. One way that success is achieved is through our automation integration services.

  • Product Development & Engineering

    Falcon Plastics provides you with an experienced engineering staff to assist you with your unique needs and projects.

  • Commodity & Engineering Plastics

    We have extensive experience with commodity resins such as PP, HDPE, and PS as well as engineering resins like polycarbonate, PPE, glass reinforced and nylon.

  • 3D Printing

    Falcon’s in-house 3D Printing services make it easy to test your design before beginning full production.

  • Tool & Mold Making

    Our engineering team is able to manage in-house tooling projects or external tooling through either regional or overseas tooling sources. Regardless of the location, all tooling projects result in high quality, cost effective molds.

  • Sonic Welding

    This process takes high frequency low amplitude vibration to create heat between the two materials that are to be joined.

  • White Room Facilities

    We have a specialized area specifically designed for molding medical parts.