Core Capabilities

Custom Injection Molding

Falcon Plastics has been a leader in the custom injection molding industry for over 40 years.  Our expertise operating more than 105 injection molding machines across all of our facilities provides anywhere from 35 to 1,000 tons of capability.

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Custom Blow Molding

With decades of blow molding experience, we are able to provide the most cost-effective manufacturing process. We house custom blow molding machines in two of our facilities.

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Sheet Foaming EVA

With the ability to help innovate custom formulations of EVA compounds, Falcon will work with you to meet your custom material specifications, including performance criteria characteristics and custom color matching.

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Foam in Place Gasketing

Foam-In-Place Gasket technology replaces clip-on, hand installed, or self-adhesive gasketing for parts and enclosures needing to be water or dust tight. Foam-In-Place technology forms superior, cut resistant gaskets for electrical enclosures, industrial lighting, and other applications in grooved parts.

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Tool and Mold Making

Falcon’s engineering team manages in-house and external tooling projects through regional or overseas tooling sources. All tooling projects managed by Falcon Plastics result in high quality, cost effective molds.

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Quality Assurance

Falcon Plastics is committed to excellence, measured in terms of our customers satisfaction. The quality of our products must not only meet or exceed our customer’s requirements, but must always be continually improved upon.  The quality of your products is our guarantee. Each of our team members are committed to our quality policy: Falcon Plastics is committed to excellence, measured in terms of customer satisfaction.

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