Custom Injection Molding

Falcon Plastics has been a leader in the custom injection molding industry for over 40 years. Falcon operates more than 105 injection molding machines ranging from 35 to 1,000 tons across all of our facilities. Additionally, our strategically planned work cells allow us to run injection cycles in as little as 5 seconds. We are a top producer of custom injection molding, offering:

Scientific Injection Molding (Decoupled -II)

  • The Decoupled Molding process separates the molding process into specific fill, pack, and hold portions. This process improves shot to shot consistence and part quality.

Insert Molding

  • Process of molding or forming plastic parts around other, non-plastic parts, or inserts.


  • Process where a single part is created using two or more different materials in combination. Typically, the first material, sometimes referred to as the substrate, is partially or fully covered by subsequent materials (over-mold materials)

In Mold Labeling

  • In-mold labeling is the use of paper or plastic labels during the manufacturing of containers by blow molding, injection molding, or thermoforming processes. The label serves as the integral part of the final product, which is then delivered as pre-decorated item.

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