• Hot Stamping

  • In-mold Labeling

At times, a product will need to be differentiated from other products. We accomplish this every day with a variety of decorating techniques such as hot stamping, heat transfer labels, and in-mold labeling. These decorating methods help our customers differentiate their products while creating a more economical manufacturing process. 

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a decorating method that allows for a variety of finishes, and is typically is a one color process. It is a dry process and allows for immediate packaging after stamping. Hot stamping is a more economical option for customers and allows for flexibility of changing the decoration.

Heat Transfer Labels

Heat transfers labels are similar to the hot stamping technique, in that it is a dry operation. This decorating process allows for custom colors and formulations to be incorporated into the design. Colors are easily matched from PMS numbers or submitted samples. This eliminates the variable color shift that is possible when working with a direct printing process.

In-Mold Labeling

In-mold labeling is a method of decorating plastic parts by inserting a label into the mold and then molding the part over the label. The benefits of this type of process include a permanently bonded label to the plastic part providing superior oil, water, and scratch resistance. Safety and warning labels have become an excellent application for in-mold labeling due to these advantages. Other applications for in-mold Labeling include: container labeling and packaging, part decoration, and branding. With the availability of high resolution graphics, in-mold labeling has become an excellent option for high quality part decoration.With in-mold labeling, the product comes out of the tool without any post production finishing required.