Facility Features

White Room Facilities

Falcon Plastics provides over 20 years of molding expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, producing customer-specific products under standardized and controlled conditions.

We have specialized areas specifically designed for molding clean parts. This climate controlled room is equipped with air filters and positive pressure to help meet the high cleanliness requirement of many of our customers.

Our white rooms provide a very clean manufacturing environment without the additional expenditures of being clean room certified. With the capabilities to provide both injection and blow molded parts, these rooms provide the opportunity for lessers chance of material contamination — ensuring your parts meet your expectations.

Clean Room Facilities

Falcon Plastics provides custom clean room molding services to meet the needs of medical, pharmaceutical, and microfluidics applications.

Our ISO Class 8 Certified Cleanroom provides an environment that reduces the concentration of airborne particulate and contaminants to meet the stringent requirements set-forth by our customers. Our entire state-of-the-art Class 8 Cleanroom facility is climate controlled to 72°F (22.2°C) 365 days per year, and is ISO certified as a Class 8 clean room under ISO 14644-1:2015.

Our team is ready to partner with you every step of the way.  No matter the simplicity or complexity of your product, our automation capabilities — combined with our custom molding solutions and I Class 8 certified cleanroom environment — can take your product from design to tested and validated finished product.