Manufacturing Technician - Life Floor

Division: Madison, SD

605 SW 7th St, Madison


Responsibilities include: 

1. Perform the set up of molds, work cells, and equipment for accurate and efficient operation. 
2. Ensuring operators have all necessary production tools and documentation to complete job effectively. 
3. Assures proper set up of loaders, and additive feeders to prepare raw materials for processing. 
4. Verifies and properly mixes materials for different blends/colors of sheets being processed. 
5. Actively engaged in developing processing knowledge of materials, additives, and dyes. 
6. Performs basic troubleshooting of processes by making appropriate adjustments to pressure, time, temperature, or other machine variables that could affect part outcome. 
7. Assists with rebuilding machines and overhauling troublesome components and attachments, which involves dismantling, inspection and replacement of parts. 
8. Assists with troubleshooting of basic machine malfunctions and inconsistent operations and performs appropriate repairs and adjustments. 
9. Completes high priority work within specified time limits. 
10. Works with Life Floor lead on special projects such as custom customer designs, unique orders, skiving, or precision cutting. 
11. Assists with production and pre-production running of equipment such as the extrusion line, compression machine, or recycling process. 
12. Helps maintain and inventory of recycled content. 
1. Provides suggestions to improve operations, conditions of equipment, minimize operating costs, and improve utilization of labor and material.
2. Assist maintenance personnel with preventative maintenance of molding machines, robots, loading systems, auxiliary equipment, and custom work cells.  
3. Performs daily machine checks including checking machine oil temps and level, lubricants and secure components/bolts while alerting maintenance personnel of conditions that need repair and/or replacement. 
4. Effectively uses multimeter to troubleshoot electrical components up to 120 volts. 
5. Understands the basics of ergonomics and applies this science when fabricating and repairing work station pieces and process pieces.
6. Occasionally may operate cutting torch or welding equipment for assigned projects or repairs.
7. Lays out, assembles, install and maintains pipe systems and related hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and repairs and replaces gauges, valves, pressure regulators, and related equipment.
8. Effectively interprets and utilizes blueprints and similar resources.
9. Communicates clearly with supervisor and co-workers to alert of potential problems in efforts of avoiding breakdowns of machinery and equipment.
10. Maintains clean, organized and safe work area.
11. Maintains interior and exterior of the building by performing minor and routine painting, plumbing, (running air lines, vacuum lines, waterlines), other electrical wiring, and other related maintenance activities. 
12. Capable of working at height.