Molding Operator and Assemblers

Division: Madison, SD

605 SW 7th St, Madison


Work Schedule:     Monday - Friday   

                              2nd shift:  4:00pm - 12:00am- Full-time & Part-time

                              3rd shift:   12:00am - 8:00am - Full-time

Team members are generally rotated from one work cell to another every 2 - 4 hours during their 8 hours shift.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

1.  Tapes, stacks, and labels boxes for warehouse, assembly and shipping on an hourly basis.
2.  Inspects and places parts appropriately in designated boxes each hour.
3.  When required, trims excess material from parts with appropriate tools when necessary.
4.  Ability to identify defects in the molded parts.
5.  Maintains consistent cycle times on semi-automatic operations on a hourly basis.
6.  Operate manual sonic welder when needed.
7.  Responsible for hourly quality inspection / gauging.
8.  Make sure correct gauges, books and paperwork is at appropriate press.
9. Weigh parts on scale when needed.
10. Develop knowledge of secondary operations and procedures.
11. Periodically monitors material loading systems.
12. Maintain a clean work environment daily; sweeping and other general housekeeping duties.
13. Must have ability to complete repetitive tasks each hour.
14. Participation in daily stretches, monthly committees and teams
15. Ability to interpret and understand visual aid boards
16. Must be skilled in the operation of a pallet jack and telephone system.
17. Grinds plastic and places regrind into correct material containers for re-use.
18. When not running presses will perform cleaning duties, make boxes or secondary work as needed; red tag.
Education / Experience:  High school diploma and previous manufacturing experience preferred.  On the job training is provided.