Processing Specialist - Life Floor

Division: Madison, SD

605 SW 7th St, Madison


Responsibilities include: 

1. Provides training to Technicians on proper usage and application of a new process or equipment.
2. Develop and implement manufacturing specifications and training manuals.
3. Document procedures and provide training to Technicians as directed. 
4. Grows and develops the knowledge of advance molding techniques, trouble shooting skills, machine controls, and auxiliary equipment. 
5. Develops and documents Life Floor processes and inspection plans for new or revised components.
6. Uses technical and analytical skills to create new processes and improve existing processes.
7. Instructs machine operators and production assistants in special handling techniques and assists in the setup of ergonomically correct work stations.
8. Interface and train with Technicians as needed.
9. Partners with Maintenance, Toolroom and Engineering departments on the improvements, repairs, and installation of machines, tools, and equipment to maximize productivity and on time delivery.
10. Confers with management, engineering, and other staff regarding manufacturing capabilities, production schedules, and other considerations to facilitate production processes.
11. Reports needs for machine repairs to maintenance personnel and/or your immediate supervisor. 
12. Reports needs for mold repairs to Toolroom personnel and/or your immediate supervisor.
13. Partners closely with Production Manager and Technicians to develop, evaluate, and improve manufacturing methods and processes in the Life Floor are. 
14. Responsible for implementing cost saving and/or labor reduction ideas.
15. Responsible for researching and presenting proposals concerning the feasibility of continuous improvement projects on the production floor that will improve product quality, process, or flow resulting in cost reductions. 
16. Demonstrates a strong commitment to continuous improvement and Total Productivity by offering suggestions for improvement and playing and active role and involving team in implementation of improvements.
17. Reviews Life Floor production orders to ascertain product data such as types, quantities, and specifications of products and scheduled delivery dates in order to plan department operations/schedules.  
18. Plans Life Floor production operations, establishing priorities and sequences for manufacturing products.
19. Revises Life Floor production schedules and priorities as result of equipment failure or operating problems.
20. Reviews production and operating reports and resolves operational, manufacturing, and maintenance problems to ensure minimum costs and prevent operational delays.