Quality Assurance Inspector-3:30pm-12:am

Division: Brookings, SD

3300 Prince Dr, Brookings

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:
1.   Inspects parts to determine compliance with customer's quality specification and Falcon Plastics quality standards. 
2.   Submits samples of parts for quality testing. 
3.   Examines packaged box labels to verify accuracy of material lot and part number at start up. 
4.   Selects parts for acceptable appearance tests at specified stages in production process, including press start-up and line start-up, and considers size, color, gouging, warp, flash, shorts, grease/oil, gates clipped flush with part edge, conformance to related parts, brittle testing, etc. in the inspection of the parts.  
5.   Uses all the various piece part sample standards found in the QA sample library, the information in the QA files such as blueprints and written specifications, and uses historical documentation as comparison standards to ascertain quality of parts.  Determines acceptable level and communicates quality standard to machine operator, molding/process technician and Plant Supervisor.  
6.   Identifies and isolates non-conforming products. 
7.   Identifies and retains pertinent samples in sample library for future reference.  
8.   Records inspection data, applying quaility control standards and procedures, reviews that data in relation to previous shift records and follows up to resolve any questions.  
9. Assists in maintaining sample library.
10. Utilizes all measuring instruments including caliper, pin gauges, height gauges, comparitor, toolmaker's microscope and CMM.
11. Communicates significant issues or developments identified during quality assurance activities to incoming shift Quality Assurance employees and informs Quality Assurance Supervisor separately using approved means of communication (email, voice mail, white board, etc.).
12. Provides process improvement recommendations and offers opinions to Quality Assurance Supervisor, Quality Manager, Production Manager, and Plant Manager.  Recommends new approaches to solve issues identified during quality assurance activities.
13. Assists in inspecting purchased parts from outside vendors to determine acceptable quality parts.  Provides input to the decision of whether to accept the parts.
14. Trains new QA inspectors, sharing expertise and knowledge of quality standards, procedures, processes and equipment usage.  Provides guidance, training and positive feedback to inspectors, machine operators, molding and process technicians.
15. Has the authority for dispositioning product at Level 2.
16. Willingly schedules adjustments for overtime and absences and is responsive to call-in requests during non-scheduled working days.