Falcon to Provide Ear Guards to Medical Facilities in Need

Recently, a regional medical system reached out to Falcon Plastics, looking for assistance with 3D printed ear guard mask holders for their team.  Our team met and decided our capabilities would allow us to do better – we were able to create and build a mold, quickly, in house to begin injection molding these parts within one week.  Falcon Plastics Brookings facility will be running these parts at a rate of, around, 5,500 per day.

Falcon will be donating these ear guard mask holders to medical facilities, beginning with those in locations around our four US based facilities and then branching out if the need is present.  We are currently in the process of planning delivery with hospitals around our regions, area nursing homes, etc.

It is truly heartwarming to know we work for a company that is willing to invest so much to those on the front lines, in such a time of need.

On top of all of this, the Falcon focus right now is on our team members’ health to ensure we can continue to produce for each of our customers, including those in the medical field, as well as automotive manufacturers, both incredibly essential businesses in this current economy.

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