Growing Into Leadership with Jenn and Kyle

Leadership Insights from Falcon Plastics on “Family Business Connection” Podcast

We are thrilled to share the experiences of our leaders, Jenn Barlund and Kyle Bender, on the inaugural episode of the “Family Business Connection” podcast, a platform dedicated to the stories of family business leaders.

In a candid discussion, Jenn, our President, and Kyle, Executive Vice President, explored their unique journeys within Falcon Plastics. From their early days as paper shredders to their ascent into leadership roles, they provided an in-depth look into the generational transition from Gen2 to Gen3 within our company.

Both leaders emphasized the crucial role of mentorship in preparing for their current positions. Jenn and Kyle discussed the strategies they adopted, highlighting how essential communication has been throughout their transition. Their story is not just about leadership but also about the nuances of working closely with family, as they are cousins who have grown up within the family business.

Moreover, Jenn’s recent journey into motherhood and how it was accommodated through separate podcast recordings underscores our commitment to supporting work-life balance.

As we look to the future, Jenn and Kyle expressed excitement about the opportunities and innovations on the horizon for Falcon Plastics. They are dedicated to fostering a legacy that thrives through generations, guided by robust values and a forward-looking mindset.

For a deeper dive into their insights and the mentorship strategies that could benefit your leadership approach, listen to their full conversation on the Family Business Connection podcast.

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