Life Floor Installed Locally in Madison Community Center

Just last week, the Madison, SD Community Center reopened its pool after being closed for a few weeks to make upgrades in appearance and safety.

Conversations between the Madison Community Center, Falcon Plastics, and LifeFloor regarding the pool deck floor at the community center began a few years back. At the time, the Madison Community Center was starting to see increased rates of slip and fall accidents, the pool deck was becoming old and worn, and it was time to start looking at alternative options to the traditional ceramic tiles we usually see around a pool.

Falcon Plastics and LifeFloor provided an option to the community center that was, by far, superior in terms of safety and efficiency to the community center. The product is owned by LifeFloor, a Minneapolis based company, and manufactured by Falcon Plastics in our Madison, SD facility. LifeFloor was designed to meet the safety and quality standards of today’s most challenging aquatic conditions. In fact, the LifeFloor tiles we manufacture will never absorb water and will remain slip-resistant even when submerged underwater.

Falcon Plastics, worked with the Madison Community Center and LifeFloor to bring the product into the community center which will allow us to utilize the space as a local showcase of just one of the many products produced by Falcon Plastics that helps bring safety and recreational products to life.  This upgrade to the local community center also allows us to utilize the space as a showcase for our employees—it doesnt come along everyday that we can show our team members what the final impact of their dedication looks like for customers. We are honored to have been able to work with both the community center and LifeFloor to provide us a large impact on the community of one of our facilities.

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