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Falcon Plastics manufactures tight tolerance precision flow control components. Our experience in the industry helps us create parts with robust tight tolerances that can withstand harsh environments, vibration from equipment, and resistant to agricultural chemicals.

We utilize hand loaded inserts, unscrewing molds, cams, and cores along with molded in stainless steel and brass inserts. These parts can be molded using HDPE, PA, PP, PBT, filled and unfilled.


Falcon Plastics has been producing precision parts for use in the automotive industry for more than 20 years.  From exterior underbody encapsulations to interior class-A surface components, we have molded for all major auto manufacturers.

Our injection molding processes are capable of processing tight tolerances, along with a vast assortment of materials and colors. Other capabilities include insert molding, component assembly operations, CMM Inspections, Spectrophotometer Inspections, and surface finish testing.

Construction and Industrial

Falcon Plastics manufactures lightweight structural components for metal replacement in doors, windows, and more, along with decorative external components that can withstand the outdoor elements for years of use.


Businesses in the electronics industry have strict requirements for their parts, like UV, FR, Hydrolysis, CTE, and impact requirements. Falcon Plastics has been working in the electronics industry for more than 30 years, molding large and small tight tolerance, thin walled, lightweight plastic parts.

Falcon meets the needs of the industry by utilizing scientific molding and custom engineered resins like ABS, PC, PC/ABS, both filled and unfilled. We also offer several value added operations: Over-molding, Secondary Assembly, Machining, Insert molding, and Ultrasonic welding.


Falcon Plastics provides more than 20 years of molding expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our capabilities include custom injection and blow molding, overmolding, automated and manual assembly operations, part decoration, and packaging.

We provide multiple positive pressure white rooms, as well as FDA Registered facilities. Falcon also maintains an ISO 9001:2015 rating at each facility, ensuring each product is produced in a quality-controlled environment.

Office Products

For more than 30 years, Falcon Plastics has been producing office products for global customers. Our capability to blow mold or injection mold numerous materials — including poly-styrene — makes Falcon an office product molder of choice.

We also offer sonic welding and full assembly processes to produce completed parts for our customers.

Recreational Sports

Injection-molded parts are strong, lightweight, flexible, and weather resistant — all great characteristics for sports and recreation equipment. PP, PE and PA, both filled and unfilled, are quick to the marketplace and make gear usable all-year round, in all types of weather.

Falcon provides the ability to match your favorite team color using custom colorant added to your base material.

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