Metal to Plastic Conversions

Falcon Plastics has experienced engineering and product development specialists to assist our customers looking for opportunities to improve the cost and performance of products currently produced in metal.

Converting metal components into plastics can offer a number of advantages:

  • Reduction in manufacturing cost: Multi-cavity injection molds can produce finished parts in volume. This eliminates the machining steps often needed for metal components.
  • Component and Feature consolidation: Designing in plastics offers the opportunity to combine separate metal components into a single plastic part. It is also possible to add features to the plastic part that improve overall product performance.
  • Look and Decoration: Plastics offer a wide range of color and decoration options. Pre-colored plastics are a cost effective way to meet the appearance requirements for a product.
  • Organic Shaping and Texture: Plastics allow product designers to enhance the look and feel of their products with complex curves and surface textures that tend to be difficult to achieve in metal.

 Falcon Plastics offers our customers insight and engineering expertise to evaluate converting an existing product or part from metal to plastic. We work closely with your team to assess the feasibility, selecting the right material, and manufacturing process to meet functional and budgetary requirements.