The Pandemic Challenges and Bounce-back in Madison

The Daily Leader Extra in Madison, SD recently interviewed Falcon Plastics president, Jenn Barlund to talk about how the COVID pandemic challenged our Madison facility, how we are bouncing back, and what her outlook on her future as president is.

“They do a really, really good job of creating a culture where people want to stay on,” Barlund indicated, noting the local leadership team is solution-oriented and maintains a positive work environment, which facilitates teamwork. “If you go to Madison and look on the floor, our employees are helping each other.”

At the end of 2020, Falcon Plastics began to look at what they could do as a company to position themselves to respond better should a similar situation arise in the future.

“The experience will impact how I do business going forward,” she said. “It will shape the decisions we make and the business we do.”

You can read the whole article here, on the Daily Leader Extras website.

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